Study Course

Lesson 1 – What is the FOREX ?
The trader’s vocabulary and types of orders. Reading candlestick charts & formations

Lesson 2 – Trading Japanese Candlesticks
Learn how to identify and trade the following formations: morning stars, evening stars, engulfing candles, tweezer tops and tweezer bottoms. Learn the rules on how to trade them

Lesson 3 – Equity Management
How to protect your capital and manage your profitable trades

Lesson 4 – Support and Resistance
Finding sensible and realistic levels for stop losses and profit taking

Lesson 5 Trends and Trendlines
Recognising the trend and trading it for profit

Lesson 6 – Consolidation and Fundamental Announcements
Learning to straddle the market and take advantage of big fundamental moves while avoiding Bull & Bear traps

Lesson 7 – Price Swings and Fibonacci Numbers
Learning how to Swing Trade; understanding the importance of Fibonacci levels and how to trade them strategically

Lesson 8 – The Trader’s Work Book
This lesson consolidates lessons 1 – 7 in one and focuses on the rules that a trader must follow to be successful

Lesson 9 – Trading BUY and SELL Zones
Take advantage of the signals indicating the potential end of a trend

Lesson 10 – The King’s Crown and the Reversal
Identifying the end of a trend and how to get in at the reversal

Lesson 11 – Trending Days vs. Trading Days
Identifying different market characteristics and trading strategies to deal with them

Lesson 12 – Fibonacci Numbers and Convergences
Combining important Fibonacci levels to create strong convergence trade opportunities

Lesson 13 – Trading Gartleys
Understanding a Fibonacci formation inside a price swing and how to trade them

Lesson 14 – Harmonic Vibrations and Beats
Markets move in harmonic beats. Learn how to count them in order to trade profitably

Lesson 15 – Trading Pennants
Learn to identify and trade several different Pennant formations

Lesson 16 – Trading Strategies and Their Justification
Learn to find a trade with a high probability of success using all the above tools and utilizing a variety of charts