What mtieurope.net is?

Market Trading Innovations is primarily a FOREX education company and has successfully trained over 12,000 Foreign Exchange students worldwide; our educational packages teach retail traders technical analysis techniques alongside a system of sensible risk management, without which no trading should be considered.

Why trade the Foreign Exchange market?

Whatever your trading style, experience,or time constraints (swing trader,position taker or day trader) the FX market offers numerous and exciting opportunities to make money.

The FX market is widely accepted as the largest financial market in the world with daily average turnover said to amount to between $1.5 and $2.5 trillion. Unlike equity markets, this huge turnover makes it an extremely liquid market with dealing prices constantly available on a 24 hour basis during week days.

Historically the market has been accessible only to the wealthiest of individuals and corporations keen to hedge their currency exposure and take advantage of any currency fluctuations that may be prevalent. The evolution of the Internet and the emergence of online broking and spread betting companies have enabled thousands of private individuals to access the wholesale market from home.

Unfortunately – and perhaps not surprisingly – many people have entered the market believing that there is easy money to be made: this is not the case. At MTI, our experience shows us that those people who are prepared to invest in their education in order to succeed are indeed more successful than those who do not.

Why trade the Foreign Exchange market?

Rather than have to focus on the thousands of stocks available to trade, MTI’s clients focus on the four major currency pairs: USD v EUR, GBP, CHF and JPY.

Is that not a bit limiting ?

With trading ranges for March 2004 as large as 700 pips for GBPUSD (1.7900 to 1.8600) and 400 pips for EURUSD (1.2050 and 1.2450), we firmly believe that there are more than enough trading opportunities within this small focus group to satisfy even the most hungry trader.

Volatility exists within the FX market. It should be your aim to acquire the knowledge to allow you to take advantage of this volatility. Only once you understand how much money can be made (or lost) in a particular timeframe with a particular position size, will you start to make real progress and the serious money that you are looking for.

Technical analysis and FX?

Whatever you may have heard – or may already think – about technical analysis, most professional traders use charts in some capacity. The market is very receptive to recognised chart points; knowing how to find these points allows the private individual to trade in the same way and use the same levels as many professionals.

Most professional traders will have a 50/50 win/loss ratio yet still manage to make sizeable profits. How is this possible ?

They know how to limit their losses and keep them small and they allow their winning trades to run, maximising the gains; alongside this, they do not get emotional about any trade, whether it is losing or winning.

MTI can teach you how to scrutinise charts and recognise those levels used by market professionals, allowing you to maximise your profits efficiently and consistently.

At MTI we will educate you about Foreign Exchange with the explicit aim of providing you with the confidence to trade successfully in the market. You may have traded Equities, Indices or even Commodities in the past or not have traded at all. No matter-our course material is suitable for everyone who is interested in achieving the rewards brought about by suuccessful FX trading.

We do not merely teach you the basics of the market as many courses offer but we actually offer strategies which can help you make money. Such strategies relate to what you should do at certain Fibonacci levels and how to manage your positions, how to actually trade candlestick formations and which are the best to look for, and how to trade ranges and ,more importantly, break-outs.This is where the real money is made and we will help you identify those occasions.